Just like eating well or your work out routine, the more you practice the better the meditation results.

At Innergy Meditation we believe in a world where meditation is a mainstream, widely-accepted practice for a healthy and happy life. That's why we created a place that modernizes, de-mystifies and secularizes the practice of meditation.

No religion. No woo-woo. No posturing or pre-tense. Just scientifically proven meditation methods led by like-minded, down-to-earth instructors.



Paul Silitsky

Founder + Chief Chill Officer

“Meditation not only has a life changing impact on the individual, it impacts everyone you come in contact with because ultimately we are all connected.”


Andrea Lubell

Co-Founder + Cohesiveness Captain

"I love seeing how what we do enhances people’s lives. Even after the first visit, you can see the difference in how people feel walking in the studio versus walking out!"


Scott Rogers

Director, Institute for Mindfulness
Studies + Innergy Principal Advisor

"After 20+ years of meditation and mindfulness teaching, lecturing and authoring, I am so proud to be a part of this studio and community."

The real magic happens inside the studio, and we owe
that to our amazing instructors.


When founder Paul Silitsky starting meditating no one was more surprised than him that it was just what he needed in his busy, a-type, overachiever life.

"I was the cliche stressed-out CEO. I had all the "things” but didn't feel complete. Nothing physical in my life changed at first but it immediately changed how I viewed the people around me - and THAT changed everything."

Now hooked, he realized there wasn’t a place for someone like him to comfortably and consistently meditate: without religious affiliation, based in science and without the woo-woo that had kept him, and people like him, away from this life-changing practice.

With the help and advisement of top meditation teachers and researchers, the first Innergy Meditation studio opened in Miami Beach in early 2017. Plans are to spread the good vibes throughout South Florida and then nationwide.


Come as you are, have a seat, breathe and chill. No pressure, no postures,
no experience necessary. The only flexibility you need is an open mind.