Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body as an integrated whole. All cells, tissues, internal organs and systems coexist in a constant stage of change, interconnected and interdependent of each other. A healthy body creates a balanced foundation for a healthy mind, and a healthy mind creates a balanced foundation for a healthy body. This is the concept of Yin and Yang, balanced opposites, that is foundational to TCM and healing as a whole. In this system, we are not only addressing the existing conditions, we also focus on person’s core patterns of functioning to alleviate pain and imbalance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. To heal is to create an alignment and harmony between these interconnected levels in order to achieve optimal wellness.


This month we will work on what is known as “the Dai,” the belt meridian along the waist line, and the only one in the body that runs horizontally. The Dai or girdle meridian, allows free flow of the vital energy (also known as Qi; pronounced Chi) between the upper and lower parts of the body, and is responsible for keeping the proper positioning of our internal organs.

The Dai meridian is all about expanding, discharging, and expressing from within our body.


Emotionally, it is how we see ourselves and how we present, express and communicate our persona; the acting vehicle through which our soul and true nature reveals itself in the physical world. A healthy and balanced Dai represents our ability to act and navigate the world in delight, joy, and prosperity manifesting our purpose and destiny.


When constricted and thus, out of balance, it feels like wearing a belt that is too tight for your body — restricted and uncomfortable. Our capacity to expand physically, emotionally and spiritually is limited, the free flow and circulation of Qi is compromised. What we experience energetically is the opposite of joy and ease: frustration, pent up emotions, inertia, indecision, creative blocks, and a general feeling of being “stuck.” And this is because our ability to expression and discharge is literally, stuck!


In the physical body, you will see it manifest as muscular tension. Pains in the upper body, the neck, shoulders, headaches, breast distensión and discomfort– and in the lower body, hip pain, sciatica pain, weak legs, water retention, digestive disorders, genitalia issues, uterine disease and irregularities in the menstrual flow.


In combination with breathwork and sound vibrations, this treatment, taking place in a group setting, will address a range of these symptoms and common complaints. This is a complete treatment perfect for those new to acupuncture, and also those who regularly work with TCM.