Raja Deep Stretch Meditation

A simple shift in your perception of the circumstance can change everything
Dec 15
Saturday, December 15th 7:00-9:00pm

Great For People Who:

Are tired of dealing with past injuries Have a hard time sitting still during meditation Want to increase mental and physical flexibility
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In order to find balance in your life, you must clear your mind of distractions to establish a stable foundation to support you in achieving your dreams. Surrender and do nothing while letting gravity release your tension with a 2-hour deep stretch meditation session. Christine will guide the group in restorative floor postures and guided meditation that will leave your mind blank and your limbs limber. Each stretch is designed to alleviate existing joint and muscle pain while increasing flexibility to prevent new injuries. This workshop is open to all levels regardless of physical limitations, joint replacements or disabilities. The only requirements are a desire to alleviate discomfort and the willingness to relax your mind.