The Amazing Experiences and Results of Sound Therapy

Depth, clarity and insight come with space. Much of the inner riches that we admire come through leisurely wonderment. The act of receiving the beauty that surrounds us is a blessing and the act of seeking that beauty introduces us to new paradigms and ways of life. To live our lives in the light of our contemplative nature is a worthwhile pursuit which enriches not only our own well-being but those who surround us. Sound healings can provide a rich and relaxed way to safely step into that space.


The first time I attended a gong sound healing I was skeptical, being a musician who had played the gong only within an orchestra setting where it was used to accentuate musical statements made in compositions. I laid my head down facing the gong and within the first strokes the facilitator played I knew I was in for a totally new experience. The gongs’ sound, played so delicately, seemed to be a golden shimmer which danced softly into my ears. With overtones that were inexplicably created, soaring above the rumbling shimmer, the gong created a sonic portrait of the unknown. The sound itself erased my anxiety and dropped me into a worriless state. It was as if I was suspended in light.


The feeling only grew as the gong was softly stroked, the sound swelling up and down in volume, like waves on a beach, following a cycle that was definite, yet amorphous. It was the recreation of the mantra “Om”. The gong peaked with its mighty roar at times. You could feel the gong’s vibrations in the air as an invisible, soothing force, gently guiding those who were listening deeper and deeper into an experience of their consciousness. It had a pacifying effect on me unlike anything I had experienced before. And this very experience is what I seek to provide to those who attend my sound meditations.


Sound meditations, like other meditation practices have the capacity to connect us with an experience that is beyond our normal state of consciousness. It might make us aware of our anxieties, unmet desires, or emotional wounds that we have been repressing. It may also make us aware of what is beyond ourselves. A feeling of expansion that encapsulates more than the borders of our physical bodies. Feelings of lightness and joy, of contentment and bliss, of inner silence and transcendence. A respite from the worries of day to day life and a taste of what it’s like to be, if only momentarily, on the other side of the things we’re wrestling with. These are all experiences that are possible with sound meditation.


Research in sound therapy proves that alleviation of pain and anxiety is possible with sound. Music has been shown to consistently alleviate pain but not to the degree that low frequency sound waves have. Researchers have begun using low frequency sound, any audible note between 40-120 hertz, in vibroacoustic therapy in order to significantly reduce the symptoms of those suffering from fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. These frequencies are helping increase circulation, muscle relaxation, mobility, neural connectivity and provide deep physical cellular stimulation to the skin. This research is exciting for the developing field of sound medicine. The gongs’ sound waves is an excellent example of this type of deeply healing sound frequency.

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