All FAQs

Do you offer workshops?

Yes, we do! Our workshops allow you to get an even more in-depth look into meditation and mindfulness and what it can do for you. Check the Events tab for a full schedule events and workshops.

What’s the difference between an event and a workshop?

Both events and workshops at, or hosted by, Innergy are based in all of the down-to-earth meditation awesomeness of our classes and open to all levels! Workshops tend to be a little longer, hosted by a rockstar guest speaker/presenter and focused on a particular practice, technique or topic. 

Events, on the other hand, are generally a little more casual and social (although that can be said for most things we do!) and are sometimes even co-sponsored or hosted with a partner. 

That said, we recommend looking for a happening that sounds interesting to you – workshop or event! Both are great ways to invest in yourself, learn some cool stuff, meet new people and have some mindful fun.

I’ve never meditated before, can I go to an event or workshop?

Yes! Most, if not all, of our events and workshops are created for everyone, at any meditation experience level. In fact, many people have started a meditation practice by attending a workshop or event. If there is ever a workshop or event that prior experience is needed or recommended, we would make sure that is communicated. So, in other words, come sit with us!

How much is a class?

Our drop-in rate is $25 for all classes. We also have awesome new student offers, packages and memberships to make it even easier to chill. See all options on the pricing page.

What happens if I need to cancel?

If you book online and something comes up, you will be credited as long as you cancel before the class starts!

How long are packages valid for?

Packages are valid within one year of purchase. Yep, it’s that flexible! So enjoy the savings of a bundle, and come when it fits your schedule.

Where are you located and where/how do I park?

The quickest answer is: across the street from Yardbird. Our entrance is on 16th street between Alton and Lenox.
Valet parking is available across the street at Yardbird for $8. Just tell the valet you are coming to Innergy Meditation.  Or you can self-park on the street or in one of the lots nearby. Free parking is available at the Flamingo Park lot on 11th Street between Meridian Ave and Alton Rd., where you get three hours of free parking from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Lost? Call us at 305.266.2277.

Do you offer one-on-one meditation?

We do! Private guided meditations are a great way to start your meditation experience, or deepen an existing one. To schedule a one-on-one either at the studio or have one of our awesome teachers come to you, call the studio at 305.266.2277 or email

Are you hiring? And, how can I apply?

We are always looking for awesome, like-minded to join our team. Please send an email to or call the studio at 305.266.2277.

What can I expect during a class?

Classes are 30, 45 or 60 minutes and include a brief intro, a guided meditation and a casual Q&A at the end. Every class is open to all-levels but if you are brand new to meditation you may want to start with a 30-minute class and arrive a few minutes early to ask any questions you may have. Or try our a.m. “Quickie” which is only 20 minutes and a perfect way to get your chill-on on your way to work.

What not to expect? Any judgment, posturing or pretense. This is truly a come-as-you-are, down-to-earth experience. You’ll love it!

Do I need to wear specific clothing to class?

Nope! Every class is come-as-you-are. There are no special clothes or props needed, no postures or pretense. Just wear something you are comfortable sitting in.

What are the benefits of meditation?

You know how your phone starts acting all wonky and then you restart it and it works perfectly? Meditation is kinda like that. It’s a reset button that makes you more focused, more calm and more in control of your emotions. In the short term, that means a “better” mood and outlook (a.k.a. less angsty and reactive), a decreased stress level and increased attention span. In the long term, it can build better relationships, reduce anxiety and depression, and has been linked to a host of other health benefits like easing chronic pain, improving heart health, boosting immunity, and more.

Do I have to sit cross-legged?

Nope! The most important part of a successful meditation is comfort. While many people will choose to sit cross-legged on a cushion, you may sit with your legs out in front of you, in one of our chairs or in another posture that helps you relax and clear your mind.

OK, So what happens if I can’t clear my mind?

A common misconception about meditation is that in order to reap the benefits, your mind must be “blank.” This is not the case! Your mind will still be aware of things like emotions, sensations and images. In fact, the less you try and “clear your mind,” the easier it will be. And don’t worry, our teachers’ expert guidance throughout the class helps … a lot!

Also, keep in mind that meditation is a practice. Like most things in life, you’ll find that it gets easier with time. The awesome thing is that the benefits of meditation are apparent in our bodies and brains even if a “clear mind state” is not reached.

We have never met anyone who could not meditate!

Do I need to practice a certain religion to meditate at Innergy?

No! At Innergy, meditation is secular, which means we don’t attach any religion to our classes. We believe in sharing a common experience through guided meditation, no matter our spiritual beliefs or backgrounds.