Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra Weekend Workshop

Saturday 8/24 & Sunday 8/25 with Michelle Berlin
Aug 24
Saturday, August 24th 1:00-6:00pm

Innergy Miami Beach

1560 Lenox Ave Suite 102 Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Great For People Who:

Want to add more to their teachings Broaden their meditation practice Enjoy a good meditation practice
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Expand your meditation practice.

Whether you are a teacher looking to bring this popular meditation tool to fill your classes, or a student wanting to immerse yourself in the practice you love, these learning sessions will be filled with passionate conversation, practiced technique and some seriously good vibes! In this two-day workshop with Michelle Berlin, attendees will explore the techniques of Sound Meditation and Yoga Nidra in this two day weekend workshop. (Note: each day can be attended separately)

A Day of Exploring Sound Healing
Saturday, 8/24, 1:00pm – 6:00 pm

The day will begin with an active – movement meditation followed by theory, philosophy, hands on practice, & experience.
Sound meditation is one of the fastest growing relaxation and mindfulness techniques in the US. It’s popularity is recent (and astounding!), but the practice has been around for centuries and the science has been studied for years – If you’ve wanted to train to bring this remarkable technique into your practice, this workshop is for you.

Day of exploring Yoga Nidra (body scan guided meditation)
Sunday 8/25, 1:00 – 6:00 pm 

The word yoga means conscious connection to Self. Nidrameans sleep. Yoga Nidra, therefore, is a yoga meditation technique that allows you to relax, recharge, rejuvenate and awaken higher consciousness. Practiced in the lying position, Yoga Nidra it is one of the most popular meditation techniques, because it induces a profoundly deep state of rest. It is effortless, enjoyable, soothing and recuperative.
Students will learn how to guide, create their own scripts or narrative to gain confidence to lead their own guided nidra meditation.
Training Objectives
· Developing a personal practice with Sound
· History, Science & Lineage
· Redefining your understanding and awareness of vibrational healing to serve individuals and groups
· Developing the use and application of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, & drumming in therapeutic environment
· Credited studies and research about sound therapy.
· History of using Sound as a tool for meditation
· How to play and use different sound tools in a class environment as well as one-on-one.
· Be able to teach guided meditation / nidra in groups and private settings
· Learn how to use your voice as an instrument for healing
· Learn the physiological and evidence-based research of Yoga Nidra and how to share this information with others.
· Tying in both healing modalities together

About Michelle
Michelle began her path of meditation many years ago which transpired into teaching in 2007. After a car accident created multiple spinal injuries, and her doctors told her the only option was major surgery, Michelle began looking for alternative treatments. She decided to take the lead in her own healing and began studying and practicing Iyengar Yoga and Krama Vinyasa Yoga. Now her body is in great health and her mind is steady.
While in India, she studied at the Iyengar Himalayan Center to learn yoga therapy techniques to better understand students that come into the practice with injuries. Complementing that avenue, she has completed several Thai bodywork trainings which she incorporates in her one on one sessions. Michelle’s thirst for knowledge led her to Nepal where she completed two sound healing therapy courses in the Himalayas with a 5th generation Sound Shaman. Her passion is travel and yoga and leads healing retreats yearly. What inspires her most is the amazing students and community that continues to grow and flourish through these practices.
What to bring:
No sound equipment or props necessary, please bring a journal and writing utensil if you would like to take notes.

Early bird $225 weekend/$125 each day (by August 10th)
$250 weekend training, $150 each day (after August 10th)