Laughter Leader Certification

2 Day Course with Karmen Plasencia
Aug 03
Saturday, August 3rd 1:00-6:00pm

Innergy Miami Beach

1560 Lenox Ave Suite 102 Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Great For People Who:

Want to improve their leadership skills Are yoga instructors, HR Directors, school teachers Love a good belly-aching laugh

Become a Certified Laughter Leader

This 2-Day course offers a solid foundation in Laughter Yoga theory and practical applications to share with others.

In this training you will become a Certified “Laughter Leader” meaning you can lead and start Laughter Yoga clubs and/or integrate LY with your practice/classes and be prepared to share the joy of Laughter Yoga with your community! You can also use laughter as social medicine, help others build their haha muscle, facilitate LY sessions for corporations, children and seniors and create positive behavioral changes.

This course is ideal for: Yoga and fitness professionals, HR and management teams, health care specialists, teachers, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, entertainment professionals, all caregivers, marriage and family therapists, sales managers, tourism professionals and guides.

There is a way to heal with laughter — A way to deal with tension and anger and any powerful emotion — A way to help other’s embody their feelings. The training is a powerful experience of laughter through information and dialogue of the origins, purpose and benefits and what is learned in cognitive understanding then is experienced for deeper understanding. Activities and exercises hold deeper meaning as we learn physiology and biochemistry and what’s going on inside as we laugh on the outside.

This training will be led by Karmen M. Plasencia, South Florida’s laughter Ambassador and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher’s by Founder Dr. Madan Kataria from Mumbai, India.
This two-day certification course is designed to provide a solid foundation for anyone interested in learning Laughter Yoga, either for personal or professional purposes.

As part of the training you will receive a Laughter Leader manual and will learn:
•History of Laughter Yoga
•What Is Laughter Yoga – Why Laughter Yoga
•The Physiology & Psychology of Laughter
•Benefits of Laughter Yoga
•What Happens in a Laughter Yoga Session
•Laughter Meditation
•Contraindications to Laughter Yoga
•Role Of A Laughter Leader
•Benefits Of Social Laughter Clubs
•How to Start a Laughter Club
•Laughter Yoga for different populations and settings
•The Importance of Oxygen
•Forty Foundation Exercises
•Laughter Chanting
•Laughter Yoga Liability Release
•Laughter Games
•How do You Feel Form Laughter Quotient

What you will Receive:
•Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga – Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate
•Registration as a member of Laughter Yoga International
•6 month free access to
•Current Training Manual (PDF and printed version)
•Multiple additional resources relevant to Laughter Yoga
•Ongoing support and opportunities to network with other Laughter Yoga Professionals

Certification Course – 12 Hours 10 hours in class (2 hours Practicum)
***This training does not incorporate the use of props or toys. Although they have their place, we are learning to laugh intentionally.

Times: 1pm-6pm both days with a 1-hr break
For further information and/or questions you can email :