Good Night Insomnia

Mindfulness Based Sleep Support Weekend
Mar 16
Saturday, March 16th

Innergy Miami Beach

1560 Lenox Ave Suite 102 Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Great For People Who:

forget what a good nights sleep feels like want to get off or avoid sleeping meds have ever experienced insomnia
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Saturday 3/16 • 1:00pm-6:00pm and Sunday 3/17 • 9:00am-12:00pm

with Dr. Barbara Burggraaff, MD and Mary Linda McBride


Sleep is essential to living a happy and healthy life. In fact, the human body can function far better without food for a few days than it can without sleep. Insomnia or sleep deprivation is a serious issue and can lead to physical and emotional problems such as high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and impaired immune functioning. If you have been experiencing sleep difficulties, you already know how persistent and frustrating it can be. What can you do? Many turn to prescription medicines or other substances to sleep better. However, these medications are not without side-effects. Some can be addictive, lose effectiveness over time, or interact badly with other medications. There’s a better way. A restful night’s sleep is absolutely possible without the aid of medications. Medical studies have shown that mindfulness can be an effective tool in fostering a more natural, restorative sleep over time.

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • The importance of sleep and good sleep hygiene
  • Tips for avoiding some of the most common issues that interfere with sleep
  • Current best practices for coping with wakefulness
  • Breathing techniques to induce calm and sleepiness
  • Tips for working with looping thoughts/rumination


Investment $350 ($300 before 2/16/19)


About the Presenters: 


Dr. Barbara Burggraaff, MD is a physician who is board certified both in Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat), and in the subspecialty of Sleep Medicine. She is also a certified mindfulness teacher through the Engaged Mindfulness Institute’s 2 year training program. She has combined her careers in medicine and mindfulness to create a new approach to treating sleep problems, insomnia and anxiety. Her other great passion is being of service in remote areas of Nepal working with a humanitarian medical team lead by Roshi Joan Halifax.


Mary Linda McBride is a yoga instructor and qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. She specializes in bringing mindfulness into workplace settings where stress and its resulting conditions, like insomnia and anxiety, are becoming pervasive across industries.  She trained with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, an off-shoot of Google where there is a six-month waiting list for in-house mindfulness programs. Prior to founding Mindful Resolution, Mary Linda enjoyed a 20-year career in nonprofit management and taught nonprofit fund development at North Carolina State University.