Digital Detox Sound Journey

Digital Detox Sound Ceremony With Jared Bistrong
Jan 20
Saturday, January 20th 7-9pm

Innergy Miami Beach

1560 Lenox Ave Suite 102 Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Great For People Who:

Ask 'what the heck is a didgeridoo?' Could use a dose of sound healing Like to try new things
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Have you thought about the overall health impact of living a digital existence?

Enjoy a Digital Detox Sound Ceremony with Jared Bistrong. Feel the vibrations, as the healing sounds of the didgeridoo resonate through your muscles and deep within you! This hour long re-tune of your entire energetic system will include discussion, interactive movement, grounding techniques and live drumming that will leave you feeling refreshed and centered. This complete mental and physical recharge journeys through meditation, laughter, movement, and a deep subatomic Didgeridoo & Crystal bowl sound reset.