Complimentary Laughter Meditation

Introduction to the Laughter Leadership Training
Jul 27
Saturday, July 27th 12:00-1:00pm

Innergy Miami Beach

1560 Lenox Ave Suite 102 Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Great For People Who:

Enjoy a good laugh Are curious about Laughter Meditation Want to know about becoming a laughter leader
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The average child laughs over 100 times a day, while the average adult laughs maybe a handful of times. Why are children so much more in touch with this natural state of bliss? In this class we find our way back by connecting with our inner child, meditate on our hearts, and access deep belly laughter and playfulness. Utilizing concepts from breath work, laughter yoga, meditation and mindfulness to open our hearts, we heal and connect to our inner childlike joy

Certified Laughter Leader Karmen Plasencia will introduce attendees to the 2-day Laughter Leader Certification training where you can become a Certified “Laughter Leader” meaning you can lead and start Laughter Yoga clubs and/or integrate LY with your practice/classes and be prepared to share the joy of Laughter Yoga with your community! You can also use laughter as social medicine, help others build their haha muscle, facilitate LY sessions for corporations, children and seniors and create positive behavioral changes.